Learning To Play A Musical Instrument

Part 1: Learning To Play The Piano

When you’re all set to begin finding out about playing the piano, you may finally decide to take an on-line piano course to see if the piano is actually for you.  After all – it’s a complex, even daunting instrument.

But you need to be careful before committing and spending time and money. When you look online for piano sessions, you are going to find that there are numerous options offered and some of them are really not as good as they look!

But I’ll help you out with a few tips. There are a few specific points you ought to be looking for just before you sign up with any kind of internet based training outfit. The  leading items on your listing of needs must be that the websites you are looking at for advice and training  have obtained many excellent testimonials by a substantial number of people who have really done the piano training – not just empty fan profiles.

You also need to be sure that once you have started, you can feasibly  finish each lesson  within your very own time frame just before you move on to study the one that follows on. You likewise really want to be certain each session is of a very high quality i.e. good enough so you can understand the course principle on your own and use it later without reference to the course materials.

Learning online is an excellent choice for those people that are active (as we all are) with other daily work and tasks tasks and who simply haven’t got the time to devote hours a day to learning.

 When you learn  in your own home, by yourself at your own pace, time, there is no stress to be at your courses at a planned time – you can do the lessons whenever you may wish. This aspect of Internet based learning alone could make internet piano courses really attractive for you, as it does for thousands of people around the world.

To help further, you can also acquire the services of a trained piano instructor, maybe once per month to correct any mistakes and bad habits you pick up when learning by yourself.

Good reviews from a lot of other individuals  remain a hugely important part of your evaluation and selection process in deciding which course to do. Your ultimate objective must be to have the confidence to count on course content and learning methods to develop you to the point that they will to develop you from a novice piano player a player of the piano who has learned enough to play to family and friends when they come by.

Choose the right course and you’ll be delighted with the speed of development you experience when you take on-line piano courses. One initial online piano session is all it takes to entice you, capture your heart forever and discover that  that on-line learning  is the only way to go.

p>anyway here’s some piano music for you. If you want to learn more about playing the piano try This piano learning and music site


Broken Hearts Broken Buildings and Architectural Nightmares


The image above is from the cover of a VERY heavy band’s album – a bit too much for me, with such wonderful song titles as “You don’t walk away from dismemberment”. They’re probably really cool for the younger fols today, but I grew up with Sabbath and Led Zep, so I was spoiled! Showing my age! Anyway – their youtube video is below for you.
I found them as I was doing research into Architects in Cottesloe! Of all things! Elsewhere I found statements like “An Architects Dream is an Engineer’s Nightmare – and looking at THESE images below, I believe that!



Now imagine being and engineer and then being asked

What is Art?

Painting from Deviant Art Site


The painting above is from the site  Deviant Art which is one of my favorite art sites. There is also a link to that site on the painting shown above – IT IS NOT MY PAINTING so I am giving that site a link here to prove my honest intentio and general bona-fides – I hope they don’t mind. The title of the work is Bad Painting, which prompts the question – what is art?

By contrast to this painting, visit the MagickMirrors.com Art Site and there you will see beautifully structured art work executed with great skill by a relatively unknown artist Hettie Rowley. The enormous skill that real art requires for its execution is pretty damn obvious on that site. By the way, Hettie Rowley teaches art and you can find her school at Art Classes Perth which is great if you live in Western Australia, but maybe a bit of a journey otherwise!

And yet, the ‘bad art’ above has a genuine appeal to me, even though I recognize it objectively as being a childish scribble – it nevertheless has real charm. And this is the eternal conflict we find in  all segments  of all societies – some people think that the value of art is entirely subjective and that is any single person thinks a work to be beautiful, then it is. Antithetical to this view is that which says that if no skill is required in the execution of an artwork then no matter what its subjective appeal – it is essentially worthless.

Which brings me to my viewpoint: It is not an expression of ignorance or to denounce the unskilled works of self-proclaimed artists who produce unstructured outbursts of line, color and form as – JUNK!!!!

Quite frankly, the egalitarian outbursts of the ‘modern art’ (read ‘timeless junk’ for the main part), may have been seen as rational and politically essential in Maoist China, but today in a free society, we are at liberty to say that The Emperor of Modern Art Has No Clothes.

I am personally sick to death almost of seeing unstructured junk assessed by clueless, politically motivated academics winning prizes paid for with public money in  and hanging in our public spaces. This is the Andy Warhol Brillo Pad fiasco re-enacted again and again by such talent-less frauds as Tracy Thingummybob who won the Turner Prize for an unmade bed surrounded with syringes and used condoms.

Whilst this banal and sordid expression of life’s meaning may have deep significance for her, MOST OF US ARE NOT INTERESTED. To call such a thin art is a TRAVESTY and an insult to every competent struggling artist who produces work with real talent and skill.  Such displays are NOT ART – they represent the PUBLIC MASTURBATION OF INCOMPETENT WANNABES  – and they are then awarded prizes by fools who we pay with our taxes. Well I say ENOUGH!!!

This rant will continue in a few days when I have time!


Welcome To WC Suecho


I started this site after the death of my Aunt from a nerve degeneration disease an complications! It’s a bit personal, a bit public  and a bit sensitive for me now, but this is my way of remembering and also of helping others. She was a single mother and struggled to raise her children without the support of a husband or her parents who died long ago.

She was a magnificent woman and I will always remember her. Her children, my cousins will be contributing to this site and building a community where many people can remember their loved ones. And so, this will be in part an e-memorial to those gone before us, but it will also be a health resource for everyone who passes this way.

I don’t know who WC Sucho was, or maybe it was W. Csuecho but I hope that whoever it was, he/she appreciates what I’ve done with the expired domain!

Thinking Of others

These days we seem to find little time for the troubles of others. This is quite well said by a poem I found on my web travesl. I hope the poet (I don’t know him) will forgive me for using his work, but full credit is hereby given to a Keith Rowley on the site Authorsden for the following work which made me cry:

It’s called Broken Soul

A broken woman with a broken heart
Loads up her life on a broken cart
Reaching for the love of a long lost day
For the laughter of children the dark took away

A flash of bright memory of candles and gold
Of Bright smiling faces in days bright and cold
Of the strength and the warmth that kept cold at bay
In the days of her beauty that the dark took away

Ashamed deep inside of what she’s become
Of the marks on her arms and the stench of cheap rum
She thinks of the love of her parents that day
When the dark came inside and took them away

There now she sits in the door of a shop
The cart’s loaded up but she has to stop
She knows she must go on into the day
Looking for hope that the dark took away

She shivers, draws tight the thin fabric she wears
And cries as the scruffy old blouse rips and tears
Remembering wardrobes of furs smooth and grey
In her grand house that the dark took away

Old is her face but see when she smiles
The beauty of youth still shines through her eyes
Recalling the days when men queued for a day
For a glimpse of the love-light the dark took away

The snow swirls around her and she blends with the chill
A desperate old woman with a cart on a hill
Will no one please love her, take her in for a day
Or are we the darkness that throws her away

Those verses speak volumes to me about today’s world as I hope they do to you.
May God Bless You All.

Terry Thomas